Masters in Equestrian Education

Masters in Equestrian Education

masters in equestrian education


Master in Equestrian Education

Share your passion with a new generation of equestrian enthusiasts by earning a masters in equestrian education from William Woods University. Designed for current equestrian professionals, the online equestrian education program delivers an accessible way to gain field pedagogy skills to transition into the role of educator. Improve your instructional techniques and learn to construct effective curriculum by applying instructional theories and strategies.

The William Woods University online equestrian master’s degree offers an opportunity to enter a new market in the equestrian industry—education. Through the use of technology and management of equestrian resources, the curriculum promotes professional development and career growth. Equestrian education professionals will gain the following skills when enrolled in a William Woods University graduate program:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Understanding and responding to current issues in equestrian education
  • Improvement of instruction
  • Curriculum construction
  • Application of instructional theories and strategies using technologies
  • Management of equestrian program resources
  • Equestrian program development
  • Instructional design for equestrian education
  • Action research

Program Description

The master’s in equestrian education builds on the university’s nationally recognized undergraduate degree program offered on-campus in Fulton, MO. It provides an ideal climate for innovative instruction and effective learning outcomes for success in the field upon graduation.

This William Woods University graduate program builds equestrian educators through rigorous curriculum and supporting coursework that provides insights into instructional subjects, pedagogy methods, and classroom management, including instructional resource planning, curriculum development, and outcome assessments.

The fully online program bridges accessibility and convenience with quality instruction to provide equestrian professionals with a reliable academic outlet to pursue your career goals. The specialized degree program also provides you with a focused education in the equestrian field to match your needs. Furthermore, WWU utilizes educational technology tools to deliver quality instruction and serves as a medium for peer collaboration to help create an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Program Courses

EDU 543 Teaching and Learning in the new Digital Landscape
EDU 563 Applied Instructional Theories and Strategies Using Technology
EDU 590 Appraisal of Student Learning
EDU 547 Current Issues in Equestrian Education
EDU 550 Curriculum Construction
EDU 530 Improvement of Instruction
EDU 562 Development of Resources for Equestrian Educational Events
EDU 574 Equestrian Program Sustainability
EDU 587 Equestrian Education Capstone Project

Job Outlook

Equestrian education is gaining momentum in the industry as employers seek academically credentialed equestrian professionals in the fields of extension service, breed and discipline, organizational leadership, undergraduate instruction, and others. A graduate degree prepares you for positions as post-secondary teachers, not just in Missouri but all across the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to experience an average 17 percent increase in employment through the next decade. Equestrian education professionals are also being sought to fill positions as youth and outreach workers to improve the quality and effectiveness of this early exposure to the field.

Admission Requirements

  • Official transcripts showing degree conferred with 2.5 GPA
  • You must also have a curriculum vita demonstrating proficiency in, and understanding of, equestrian experiences. This may include samples such as certifications, professional memberships, your student accomplishments in the field, your accomplishments in the field, or a sample video.

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