Online Business Management Degree

Online Business Management Degree

online degree in business management missouri

Business Degree

William Woods University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Management (BSM) for adults who are interested in entering or advancing in the business world. While in the program, you have the opportunity to collaborate actively in an online environment with your peers, sharing the theories and ideologies you have learned. This experience allows you to be more at ease applying these techniques and skills in the workplace after graduation.
The online business management degree at William Woods University consists of 124 credit hours, with 61 general education hours, 21 basic core hours, and 42 major core credit hours. The goal of the program is to shape those new to business into professionals who are prepared for the real world of business that awaits them upon completion of the program.
Some of the skills students will learn during the program include:

  • Applied economics for business
  • Financial management
  • Human resources administration
  • International business and marketing
  • Legal environment of business
  • Management and leadership
  • Managerial accounting
  • Managerial communications
  • Managerial ethics
  • Managerial policies and strategies
  • General concepts and subjects
  • Managerial statistics
  • Marketing analysis and research
  • Systems management

Program Description

The core value of the business management program is to further the ideals of professions-oriented programs, as well as the values of ethics, self-liberation, and lifelong education so you are prepared to participate in the business community. The added advantage of the online business management program is that it allows students to take classes from any location in Missouri from St. Louis to Kansas City. The BSM program is one of the most popular at William Woods University, and rightly so, as more and more businesses look for highly qualified managers and citizens for their companies.

Program Courses

BMT 310 Management and Leadership
BMT 321 Managerial Communications
BMT 350 Financial Accounting
BMT 4XX Managerial Risk Management
BMT 421 Systems Management
BMT 439 Managerial Ethics
BMT 440 Financial Management
BMT 450 Marketing Analysis and Research
BMT 455 Applied Economics for Business
BMT 468 Managerial Statistics
BMT 475 Human Resources Administration
BMT 480 Legal Environments of Business
BMT 490 International Business & Research
BMT 499 Managerial Policies and Strategies

Job Outlook

In today’s business world, professionals with management backgrounds and skills are extremely valuable to companies looking to attract established and experienced leaders to bring them into the 21st century. Professionals who are management savvy are sought after to help improve employee and workplace efficiency, promote positive culture and well-being in the workplace, and ultimately drive revenue. There is a multitude of careers for those college graduates with a management background, with management career opportunities including:

  • Business associate
  • Executive assistant
  • Human resources manager
  • Office manager
  • Operations manager

Admission Requirements
Freshman Applicants – for all undergraduate students

  • Completed application
  • High school transcript (or GED) with a 2.50 GPA and graduated in the top 50% of your class
  • Entrance Exam: ACT of 19 or Higher OR SAT of 900 or Higher
  • The WWU Admissions Committee may review student qualifications and conditionally/provisionally accept students who do not met the minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and a minimum ACT or SAT I composite score of 19 or 900, respectively

Degree Completion Applicants

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts from every high school or college attended (or GED) – unless you have an AA degree (not AAS)
  • 25 hours of transferable credits required

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